About Michelle

Her early life

Michelle Diana Lowe was born in East London in September 1983. She has lived in the East End since childhood.

Growing up relatively poor in a single parent household, she had very humble beginnings. Michelle experienced family problems as a child and school bullying, which presented her with many challenges. But it was her love of books and writing that pulled her through.

The discovery of award-winning author Judy Blume, changed Michelle's life. She fell in love with Blume's honest, heartfelt novels and began to write novels herself in primary and secondary school.

Aged 19, the young, zealous Michelle came across Zadie Smith's White Teeth at Roehampton University, which, in conjunction with Blume's earlier influence, helped her incorporate both young people's issues and modern culture in her writing. 

Helping others 

Michelle's passion to share teenagers' experiences and raise awareness of the difficulties that some young people encounter, comes across in the novels she writes, which are both hard-hitting and tender. She has a desire to steer those in need in the right direction; her inclination to help others is very evident in every novel. Michelle strives to bring her audience messages of hope, happiness and empowerment, things that can get people through even the toughest of times.

Charities she supports include UK mental health charity, Young Minds.

Michelle the novelist

Michelle's debut novel Unshatter Me was first published by US Publisher UrbanEdge in 2015. Finnish Publisher Creativia went onto re-publish this title in 2017.

Broken Roots, Michelle's second novel and most successful literary work to date, was published by Creativia Publishing in September 2016. The book earned an accolade when it became one of the Best Indie Books of 2016 on Read Free.ly's list. The title reached #31 in the rankings. The novel has also been on Amazon's bestseller lists in two categories, and in three different territories, the UK, US and Canada.

Latest News

Michelle has started her own imprint - Michelle Diana Lowe Press (UK). Her best selling novel Broken has been published under this imprint and her first picture book - Dairy Free and Happy! This is a self-awareness book for children who are allergic to dairy products.